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Hi! My name is Nathan Thomas Harrison. Sometimes, I use Twitter. I’m 26 years old, work for the time being as an educational assistant at an alternative school, and feel that the next stage of my life cannot come too soon and yet I’m sure in retrospect it will have, nevertheless.

I’ve maintained blogs on various platforms sporadically since February 2003. I’ve dabbled with the creation of focused, formal sites as well, but all inevitably fall by the wayside. Most of the electronic detritus of my past online presences still clouds the aether, either preserved for nostalgia’s sake, or left to float in situ because it’s less of a bother than to tear it down once and for all.

I was born in Portland, Oregon, and attended Whitworth College (now University) in Spokane, Washington. While I loved the school, I was more than glad to abandon that city for my native Portland once my years were up. I studied journalism, and made it my mission halfway through matriculation to enter the realm of public radio by hook or by crook or a storytelling outfit of similar shape, at any rate.

Storytelling, it would seem, is my passion; whether whispered, broadcast over the airwaves, streamed online, sung, delivered from the microphone of a stand-up comedian, enhanced with the aid of polyhedral dice, and on and on in most-literally every imaginable form.

Non-fiction (or at least stories that are “true enough,” to borrow from Sedaris) is a wonderful enough genre to command the attention of a lifetime of creation, though the works of some authors many of them toiling within the under-appreciated fantasy genre, strangely enough are enough to prod me into rethinking my choices on occasion. If someday I can feel as though I managed to plumb my way to a unique place in the vast continuum between Hunter S. Thompson and Ira Glass (probably by way of Gary Gygax), I will have been content.

[ed. note: This personal description is old! It’s got the gist right, but I’ve changed plenty since I wrote it more than two years ago. If you really want to know “about me”, feel free to email any questions the blog doesn’t answer to]